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Our 2022 lamb deposits are full and all of our lambs will move on to wonderful homes this summer! To learn more about securing your Babydoll Sheep lambs for our 2023 season, please join our email waiting list. Deposits will start being accepted in January 2023.

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How to Homestead

How to Homestead

Starting a homestead is exciting and daunting—especially for those who were not raised in the country, like us. There is a simple process to follow if you want to live in the country to raise farm animals and grow gardens or crops.

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How to Start a Garden


Starting your first garden from scratch, especially for very beginner gardeners, can be intimidating—but it doesn’t have to be! Successful gardens take years of learning, experimenting, failing and trying again.

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Venison Chili Recipe


Venison Chili Recipe

Simple & Satisfying Venison Chili Recipe with Ground Deer Meat for Beginners Cooking with Wild Game Venison Chili is perhaps one of the easiest recipes to make with deer meat. This recipe in particular is perfect for those who may be cooking with deer meat for the first time. It’s simple, and satisfying! This venison […]

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