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Our 2023 lamb deposits are full and all of our lambs have moved on to wonderful homes this summer! To learn more about securing your Babydoll Sheep lambs for our 2024 season, please join our email waiting list. Deposits will start being accepted in January 2024.

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Babydoll Sheep Feeding Guide for Beginners

Babydoll Sheep

What Babydoll Sheep Should and Should Not Eat Today, we’re diving into the world of sheep nutrition, namely, feeding your Babydoll Sheep. As a passionate Babydoll Sheep breeder, I understand the importance of providing these adorable creatures with a balanced diet for their well-being and optimal growth. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through […]

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The Real Benefits of Hiring a Landscape Designer


Three Reasons Why You Need a Landscape Designer for Your Garden, Even if You Are a Seasoned Gardener We never thought to use a landscape designer to help design our little farmette. However, after working with Fawn of Fawn Renea Designs for our Barn Garden, we saw the value right away in working with a […]

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Garden Tomato & Venison Pasta Recipe


The Perfect Venison Pasta Recipe for Beginners Cooking with Wild Game Venison Pasta is one of the easiest recipes for beginners cooking with ground deer meat. My recipe with sun gold tomatoes perfectly complements the ground deer meat making it an easy venison recipe to repeat. When thinking of an easy venison recipe for beginners […]

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