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Babydoll Sheep are the perfect livestock for new or aspiring homesteaders. Or, for people like us who want a simple life in the country and some animals to care for and teach our children discipline and responsibility. These cute, sweet animals are a perfect fit!

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If you are ready to start your own flock of Babydoll Sheep, congratulations! Share your contact information to our waiting list form and we will be sure to let you know when we expect lambs, when they arrive and how you can put down a deposit to secure your spot in line!

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Expecting Lambs in 2021

Start Your Babydoll Sheep Flock

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Every animal has a purpose, even the cute ones! Babydoll Sheep have many surprising purposes whether you intend to keep them as pet livestock or perhaps you are a knitter and want immediate access to their beautiful wool. In this article, you'll learn more about the breed and how to take care of them.

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Learn More About Their Purposes & Care

Why Your Homestead Needs Babydoll Sheep

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Babydoll Sheep are surprisingly easy to care for, once you understand a few key things. Don't be nervous or intimidated if they are new to you! This article is an introduction for beginners who are eager to start their own flock!

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   Did you know: Babydoll Sheep are not miniature sheep. They are the original Southdown...

Learn more about Babydoll Sheep and when we expect 2021 lambs!

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