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Our 2022 lamb deposits are full and all of our lambs will move on to wonderful homes this summer! To learn more about securing your Babydoll Sheep lambs for our 2023 season, please join our email waiting list. Deposits will start being accepted in January 2023.

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Gardening Books


The Best Gardening Books for Beginner Gardeners

The Best Gardening Books for Beginner Gardeners: Books that Educate and Inspire I believe that local is best, as in the best education you can get on gardening is from other local gardeners. However, there are some gardening books that I have found very helpful and inspirational! Here are a few: If you’re like me, […]

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Pretty Farm Books

How to Homestead

Pretty Farm Books |

Sometimes, I just want to peruse an aesthetically-pleasing, pretty farm book full of editorial-worthy photography and inspiring words on country living. Now, I am fully aware that behind the pretty dresses galavanting across flower-speckled fields was countless hours on a muddy tractor getting that field planted and ready.

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Sheep for Homestead

Babydoll Sheep

8 Reasons You Should Consider Sheep for Your Homestead or Hobby Farm It is not difficult for me to convince my homestead and hobby farm friends that they should have sheep, especially our Babydoll Sheep. But oftentimes, the question arises, “But how productive are they? How can I utilize them or make some money from […]

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