Blood Orange Creamsicle Rosé Mocktail Punch Recipe


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Serve as a Mocktail or Punch for Easter Brunch at Home

You, like us, are probably stuck safe at home this Easter. So when thinking of our brunch menu, just for the four of us, this blood orange recipe is satisfying for the adults and fun for the girls.

Blood oranges are in season until May and of course, the girls love pink so this was perfect! You can make it with regular oranges as well.

I only had a 20-minute naptime window to get all this photographed, so I apologize in advance for the less than spectacular photography. However, it is evidence that you can make this recipe, and make it beautiful, in no time at all!

Learn more about the ingredients below, or jump to Blood Orange Creamsicle Rosé Punch to get straight to the recipe!

Blood Orange Creamsicle Rose Mocktail Punch

This Blood Orange Recipe is Perfect Punch for a Family Easter Brunch at Home

I prefer to make mocktails, and keeping this recipe as a mocktail makes it a fun treat for the entire family this Easter as we all shelter in place.

Because this is so easy to make, everyone can make their own and customize it as they please. I laid out all of my ingredients on a cutting board. Keep it simple.

If you do use this punch for an at-home brunch, I recommend a savory dish for the main meal like an egg casserole with bacon. That way the flavors balance each other out and you’re not overcome with too much sweetness.

Blood Orange Creamsicle Rosé Mocktail Punch Recipe on Everly & Raine Co.

Use the Best Ingredients

I love to make fancy drinks for myself like sparkling waters, teas and mocktails. It’s my little ritual to take something special to drink with me for evening chores or walks with the family.

However, the secret to making them really special is to use good, quality ingredients.

Blood Oranges

Blood Oranges are in season from December to May. Make sure you inspect that your oranges are ripe and not too over-ripe or the juice will be too tart.

Vanilla Syrup

You can make a homemade vanilla-infused simple syrup, find one at your local liquor store, or use something accessible (I’m thinking of what can I easily find for a grocery pickup during this pandemic) and try Starbucks Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup.

Heavy Cream

Yes, this is the same as heavy whipping cream. I usually drink almond milk, but to get the frothiness that makes this drink so deliciously creamy, I recommend you do heavy cream, from cows milk.

Sparkling Rosé Grape Juice

Again, because of the pandemic and thinking of what is easy to get in a grocery pick-up, Welch’s Sparkling Rosé works just fine. Experiment with other sparking beverages as you like!

Blood Orange Creamsicle Rosé Punch Mocktail Recipe on Everly & Raine Co.

Layer the Ingredients

Just to reinforce what I say in the directions, mix everything but your sparkling rosé element first.

Do not make the mistake I did at first and mix it all together. I put it all in a shaker cup and it exploded on me. I know, it seems obvious, but just in case you’re in a dash like me!

Extra Frothy Blood Orange Creamsicle Secret

I would suggest you try frothing the heavy cream a bit if you want more of a creamsicle feel to the drink. I have a milk frother I use for my almond milk for my coffee and it has a cold setting so the cream can be frothed cold.

Once it is frothed, not too much though because you don’t want it to be firm, then layer the ingredients as the directions explain.

Blood Oranges garnish this Blood Orange Creamy Punch

Enjoy Immediately

Consider this Blood Orange Creamsicle Rosé Punch of your brunch, not like a mimosa or orange juice you would drink with your food. It is sweet and decadent, but also it tastes best when it is most cold and freshly mixed.

The Recipe: Blood Orange Creamsicle Rosé Punch

Makes 2 servings. Feel free to adjust and use this recipe flexibly per your tastes.


1/2 cup Fresh-Squeezed Blood Orange Juice

2 Tbsp Vanilla Syrup

1/4 cup Heavy Cream

1/2 cup Sparkling Rosé Grape Juice

Blood Orange and/or edible flowers for garnish


Stir together juice, syrup, and cream well. You could also use a shaker cup with a few ice cubes.

Top with rosé and gently stir once again.

Garnish as you like.

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