You don't need lots of land to raise animals. A few Babydoll Sheep just need one acre.

You don't have to come from generations of farmers to grow your own food. We aren't.

And you don't have to DIY everything in your life to feel more intentional. Thoughtful store-bought items can be just as meaningful.

Whether you are an urban gardener, an aspiring rancher (like us) or someplace in between—if you're longing for a return to this 'good stuff' too, you're in the right place!


This is about keeping things simple and being intentional

a return to the 'good stuff'

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Do You dream of HAVING a homestead?

You want gardens and animals, but wouldn't call yourself a farmer. You want to cultivate a simple life between hobby and farm.




Garden CLUB

We currently raise cattle with the neighboring in-laws, while I focus on the garden, backyard chickens and most notably, our registered Babydoll Sheep.

My hope through the blog is to take you on the journey with us as we learn and overcome challenges building this dream.

Not only will we share our experience and expertise, but, to me, this is about so much more.

I hope we inspire you to take action on your own dreams of homesteading, or something like it, wherever you are.

My husband Nate and I, with our two daughters, live on some acreage in Oklahoma—we like to call it our farmette.

Early in our marriage, we knew we wanted to raise our family on land. Neither one of use come from an agricultural background, but we both love animals and gardening.

In 2017, we moved to our current property and started building.

Katie O. Selvidge




The Selvidges



While I focus on the gardens and Babydoll Sheep, his job on the farmette is taking care of our cattle. He also tends to the infrastructure for the animals.

When he's not working at his job or on our property, he enjoys hunting, fishing, foraging and cooking what he harvests.

He's a wonderful cook, and will be contributing some delicious game recipes on the blog!

I met Nate when I was a ballerina. I had just left NYC, and I was determined to get back to the city after finishing school at OU. But that all changed when I fell in love with this Oklahoma boy.

Ever since he has been the biggest supporter of my dreams and entrepreneurial endeavors. Without his encouragement I wouldn't have made a successful print magazine, then had the courage to sell it in 2019 to pursue this homesteading adventure.

Nathan Selvidge




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our goal

By sharing our experiences, we hope we can encourage and equip you to pursue your own homesteading dreams.